Sunday, April 03, 2005

Entrepeneural Spirit is Alive and Well

The day has gone and night has come to visit once again.

Today is my half day off so not much time to pen my thoughts via keystroke this night, but I will leave the world with an interesting story I heard today.

A US soldier, female type. Was stopped during inspection of her luggage just before boarding her flight to go back home after her year in Afghanistan. She served on the very base that I now have the pleasure of residing on. Anyhow, this soldier was stopped because she had an unusually large sum of money on her, cash, green backs, moula.

Just under 12,000 dollars in cash.

How might you ask does a soldier, female type, aquire such a small fourtune in only one year. Well, we are allowed to cash personal checks but only up to 400 dollars a month. That would put her just over 5,000 for the year. She didnt cut hair like some soldiers do for extra cash. I have a good buddy named Martin who gives me a good line up and a tight fade, I pay him 5 bucks a cut. Maybe she played Texas Hold'em? Perhaps.

No, our soldier had aquired that money via other means. That being "solicitation." If that was so, she would have been making an extra 200 dollars a week via this enterprise.

Granted what she did was morally wrong and against Army policy. Her clientel would also be in violation of policy.

Now I just happened to over hear this story while enjoying some Green Bean Coffee. Is the tale Fact or Fiction...probably a little of both. Irregardless, it still makes for an interesting story.

This story will change from person to person. One day she will be a soldier from Iraq. One day it will be some lowely private, then the next telling will have it being a Company Commander. Who knows anymore.

Nothing here seems real anymore, just lots of scenes drawn in mottled greys and covered in dust.


At 11:55 AM, Blogger francesca said...

you may not believe it, but those stories have quite a bit of truth to them. our frg back in hawaii was doing something similar for free! that is why it is now called ho-ahu.
i'm on xanga
i just left bagram 2 1/2 weeks ago


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