Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Return from a long Winters Nap

Today's Music: Solitary Man by Johnny Cash

So anyway.

I wake up this morning and realize..."Shit, I'm in Afganistan." Aside from that minor ephiphany, this morning had a wee bit of interest. As it stands now, we live in a large white tent, affectionally dubbed the Circus Tent, by us soldiers who reside under its thin plastic umbrella of shelter. To accomodate us there is a rather large generator that powers a heater, which helps us stave off the cold evening air that seems to pour down from the mountains when the sun disappears over the horizon. Well last night, that generator went out.

I woke up and I think my balls retreated into my stomach. I was freezing. Oh my god. Normally I sleep in just my PT shorts, which leave little to the imagination, and a grey sweat wicking PT shirt. I immediately threw on my long sleeve shirt and BDU pants. Still the cold would not go away. Aaaaaahhh! Man I was miserable. It sucks when you can see your own breath when you are trying to sleep.

Luckily I was tired enough to ignore the cold for awhile and doze off. My Genetilia have yet to resurface. This worries me.

Afganistan is not too bad. The main reason for that being is this, Bagram Air Base, is the first depot for most flights in country. As such, there is alot here to comfort the soliders, airmen, marines, and sailors here. I have no idea why the navy is here. There is no water for miles. I think there is a deep tub somewhere, but thats about it.

As far as comforts. There is a Burger King, Pizza Joint, 24 Hour Grean Bean Coffee Shop, PX(Post Exchange) which sells lots of random stuff, 24 hour Gym, Beauty Salon which includes: peticure, manicure, and full body massage. I got a massage, and there is a funny story to go with that, but that is for a later time.

We, as in my and my company, are stuck here for the time being with nothing to do. Luck would have it that there are no flights leaving to our site. So we are trying to get out of here anyway we can. They dont do convoy's here because of the mountains and the extreme distance between sites. So we are left with only plane and chopper as options. We are slated to leave tomorrow, but we will see how that goes.

There is another group here. 1/25th "Tropic Lightning' thats based out of Hawaii, they are done with their year here and have been trying to leave for like 2 weeks now, but no flights can take off. Weather, visiblity, and other factors make it hard to get flights out of here. These guys are tying to go home, and we are trying to get to our mission. Logistics here are crazy. Those poor bastards marched with all there gear to and from the flight-line 3 times yesterday and twice today. I would be pissed.

Oh I almost forgot. I was woken up last night because there were like 50 fighters in movement. Apparently there was a night fire range last night. What this means is all the planes go out and shoot at stuff under the cover of night for practice. Yeah, it was loud. A-10 "Tank Killers', these jets are loud as hell and fly really low. Which is good for combat, bad for people sleeping in the circus tent. The range went on for like an hour. I was up staring at the ceiling, just listening. It was kind of cool, but at the same time...I was tired as hell.

There is much more to say, but no more time to say it.


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